Mamdooh Al-Radadi
1 min readJun 30, 2020

The faster life gets the foggier our vision becomes. Other than slowing down every once and a while we need to clean our windshields.

Seeing what’s ahead clearly makes sense.

We can’t make sound judgements or decide if the subject or item isn’t clear.

Clarity means removing whatever obstructs our vision like

  • clutter
  • busyness
  • distractions
  • irrelevant anything
  • what we don’t like or don’t need.

It’s not filling up our schedules or being on time to meetings and people that mean nothing to us.

It’s not saying yes to things you wished you said no to.

It’s not pretending while you should be doing.

Getting a clear picture requires discipline and before that: defining what clear is to you personally, not my kind of clear.

Clarity not only helps, it’s a prerequisite to continuous growth.

Have a wonderful day clear of anything that distracts you, irritates you and delays you.