Forget age & enjoy the moment

Mamdooh Al-Radadi
3 min readDec 4, 2021

Yesterday has actually gone forever never to return, tomorrow is an unknown we’re all working on, the only thing that’s as real as it gets is TODAY.

It’s here, it’s now, it’s actually happening.

To really enjoy life, and these are not some BS recycled words, it’s advice I live by, and they work.

To live it up, you need to know the 5 deadly life suckers, the culprits that suck life out of you while you sit there and watch them commit the crime.

These five life suckers are:


That was an easy one, I bet you already knew I was gonna blow the whistle on them.

Yes, society sadly is a know it all, stupid as f*%# powerful force that kills ambition, thrills, uniqueness among tens of other things then asks “ what’s wrong with people these days?”

So just beware what they feed you and you’ll be ok making your own decisions.

Peer pressure:

These friendly suckers won’t give you a chance to be you, ever. And if by any chance you do make it big in any thing in life, they switch into “oh yes, you always were unique” if you failed it would be “ you always chose to be different”.

This pathetic pressure contains you and restricts you from enjoying life to its fullest.

You need to be normal, whatever that means?

You need to please them, even if you never see them again, or never owe them anything.

Let them talk, pass comments, critique you, shy away from ever knowing you and show them what life is all about. Actually, forget that, forget about them and make new friends that know the meaning of life and live it up!

Comfort zones:

Every time you feel you know it all, get comfortable, feel bored or not, are used to a certain way of life you’ve hit comfort bottom.

Comfort zones are like viruses, they morph.

You need to constantly get a reset vaccination and start escaping the norm and tread into unchartered waters.

Life rewards the brave and does nothing to the rest. Rewards are in the form of a deeper understanding of life, more gratitude and humbleness, less fret and boredom.

Everything you never knew existed lies outside the comfort forts and zones that surround you.

Old ways & days:

They were fun and great and etched amazing memories to your brain, but that’s over now.

Have you ever sat with an old person who was reasonably nice that kept repeating the same old stories again and again never coming up with new ones, even lies?

Do you want to be that person?

Trust me it’s not an age thing, I know thirty year olds who are as boring as f*^%! Same old parties, memories, escapes, and farts.

Please don’t be one of them, keep rewriting till your last day on earth.

Fear of the unknown:

This last one is a deadly one. The unknown was never dangerous or treacherous, it was simply unknown.

Imagine never getting on a plane because you didn’t know what it would feel like, or you took advice from a person who hates to travel or worst yet, never did.

Imagine you never ate anything other than your home meals? never listened to anything but the Beatles? never had a conversation with someone outside your neighborhood? never taking a dip in the ocean because you saw Jaws?

The unknown is not the enemy, the enemy is whoever labeled it enemy.

Finally, everyday is a chance to experience life and enjoy it carving tomorrows memories too.

Don’t be a boring grown up, be that fun story teller that people gather around wherever they go.

Have a wonderful unorthodox life!