How fast & how long?


How fast can you get to the point?

How long can you hold my attention?

Distractions and faster lifestyle made those two questions worthwhile more than any other time.

It’s not a hard thing to do, but for many who love to ramble on forever or don’t have any substance it’s almost impossible to digest.

Excuses like “but I have a lot to say” “it’s complicated” “it’s sophisticated” “I’ve spent a lot of time in my research” aren’t going to help you.

Unless you want to bore the living daylights out of people, you need to look at those two questions closer or better yet keep them as headers on everything you ever create…and footers.

It’s not hard, it’s doable and easy with intentional practice.

Holding short attention spans, faster to the point.

I’ve said too much, have a great day!