Who has more fun?

Mamdooh Al-Radadi
1 min readMar 12, 2024

The one that’s on the social radar or the one that’s below it and out of sight?

The one that drives a normal car or the see me kind?

The one that has loads of money in the bank and buys anything she wants when she wants but doesn’t because she doesn’t really want it?

Or the one that’s living beyond their means, buying anything and everything trying to prove he’s more than he really is.. to who? Who knows?

The one that blends in or stands out?

Not the good standing out..the show off with no substance kind..

Sadly people are confused between personal branding and personal screaming for attention.. and in the end it’s mostly forgotten both faces & places.

Having fun is a personal choice, perhaps screaming for attention has its merits? But so does being under the radar.

Ask anyone famous about personal space..

Moving into the future I believe that protecting our personal space, alone time, fewer interactions will be the most sought after thing.. not having the whole world know about our every moment.

Personal moments matter most.